Consumers, Including the Younger Generation, LIKE PAPER

Some very interesting statistics have emerged from the recent global survey on consumer’s environmental perceptions of print and paper.

– Paper is the preferred information medium for reading and document storage amongst ALL age groups.

– 70% prefer reading from paper (69% of 18-24 yr. olds),  68% believe paper is more pleasant to handle than other media, and 67% agree paper records are more sustainable than electronic storage (including a surprising 65% of 18-24 yr. olds).

Having been subjected to digital sales propaganda equating “paper” with “forest destruction” since childhood,  it’s little wonder 85% of 18-24 yr. olds believe there’s a connection between paper making and the loss of tropical rain forest (despite the reality the primary cause of deforestation in these protected areas is subsistence agriculture and fuel requirements in developing nations). But in their defense, 65% of ALL consumers believe US forests have reduced in size over the past century, even though US forest area has actually remained stable while growing volume has increased 45% in the past 100 years.


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