The QR Conundrum – Will They Last ?

As many speculate on the fading popularity of QR codes, I don’t see them vanishing. I think they’ll continue to be widely used for their originally intended purposes and others not yet seen. QR’s never gained popularity with more than 16% of the U.S. population, and now they’re getting more bad press (this time for installing unauthorized phone billing). When used in context, they’re safe, but early adopters are becoming hesitant about using them.

If not QR’s, then what ?  My guess:  “Near field printing, ” which enables printing to simply be “touched against” a mobile device to enable e-links, could become “the Next Big Thing” in interactive printing and marketing.

“NFP” (Near Field Printing) uses printed circuits (a long proven technology), but unlike QR codes, they’re typically over-printed and invisible to the naked eye. I think this, along with ‘ease of use,’ will better satisfy designers, marketers and consumers. The new circuits introduced by Touchcode show exceptional promise thanks to their ability to auto-connect printing to pads, readers and mobile devices.

For NFP to achieve its full potential, printers are going to need a quick, easy and inexpensive way to generate circuit layouts. Expect more competition for Touchcode in the years ahead.


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