Not So Fast

It make sense for the decline of printed dictionaries and encyclopedias, but why did everyone give up so fast on print components for ad campaigns? takes a closer look at the advantages of print media for advertising:

Tangibility- You can touch it, while most ads on the internet disappear in the blink of an eye.

Credibility- Besides a paper cut, what’s the most damage a postcard can do? Fear of spam and viruses make people weary of clicking.

Engagement- Most websites are skimmed in less than 15 seconds. Print retains people attention 30 % longer.

Less print ads- The advantage of print ad decline, publications are less crowded, so you stand out and probably at a cheaper price.

Qr Codes- Print 2.0 or smart print is all about finding balances using various media. QR codes allow your campaigns to be multi-touch and interactive.

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