Stuart F Cooper Launches Online

MONTEREY, CA: Stuart F. Cooper launched its online store to over 2,500 attorneys at this year’s annual California State Bar meeting in Monterey, California. According to Hugh Griffin, Vice President of Marketing, the site offers attorneys, lawyers and other professional service firms the products needed to run and grow successful practices. “On the site professionals can design, proof and purchase engraved business cards, letterheads and envelopes, as well as order plain paper, exhibit tabs and other practice essentials,” according to Griffin. Also available are work tablets, manuscript covers, pleading paper, jury instruction paper, Tyvek envelopes, mailing labels and Will & Trust Supplies.

A wide selection of papers, typefaces and ink colors enable users to create professional brand images. “Suites,” named after Supreme Court Justices, simplify identity planning. For those more daring the site also offers the whimsical Patrick Bateman business card from the 2000 movie American Psycho starring Christian Bale. Traditional layouts are also available.

Attorney Robert Vosburg, of the Vosburg Law Firm of Los Angeles, recently ordered “The Powell Layout” of 500 engraved business cards. After receiving his order Mr. Vosburg wrote, “I got the cards and could not be any happier with them. The quality is excellent! Nice work. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know and will be back when I need more products. Thanks again.”

In 1929, Stuart F. Cooper established his company in Los Angeles from the printing equipment of Milton G. Cooper & Son, his father’s in-house printing plant. In 1937 Cooper moved to its present location on 23rd Street. In 1949 the Stuart F. Cooper Company expanded the business into the legal market by sending an “introductory offer” for engraved stationery to all the lawyers who passed the California State Bar Examination.

In 2010 BurdgeCooper was created from the merger of Stuart F. Cooper and Burdge, Inc. Burdge was an engraving company founded in 1923, also in Los Angeles, serving corporations and graphic design firms. Operating out of networked printing plants in Atlanta and Los Angeles, BurdgeCooper is now the largest engraving company in the world and one of the foremost authorities on Printed Essentials for the practice of law.

Coming soon will include Rainmaking Essentials including self-published books, presentation folders, announcements, invitations and a “Knowledge Base” featuring books by leading experts on professional practice.


Contact: Hugh Griffin, 800-962-2486


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