We Love PLIKE Too, but…

Plike PaperPlike is a beautiful velvet finish stock made by the italian paper mill, Cordenons. The stock has a unique feel, and unique issues of printability come up from time to time (even from color to color).

Useful tips: when lithographing (offset printing) on Plike stocks (which have 3 layers of coating), it’s best to use FULLY Oxidized inks. When foil stamping, Japanese-made foils (which are far more costly) tend to adhere best. And all metallic foils adhere better than PMS color foils.

Engraving on Plike can be challenging (as pressing water-based inks into those coatings is problematic). Once again, metallic inks seem to work best, and burnishing the engraving is suggested.

Some letterpress printing is done on Plike, but as with foil stamping, you need to consider, the more pressure applied to surface of Plike…the more that velvet touch dissipates.  So what’s a lover of Plike to do?  First, know that you and your printer need to press test the desired process on your preferred sheet. Sometimes, the desired result simply isn’t achievable. The only way to be sure is working cooperatively to confirm results Before Running the full job.

Does this affect how printers feel about using Plike? Some are leery about taking on these jobs, but even those who love Plike as much as we do…should caution you at the design stage that press proofing is essential to ensure complete satisfaction.  The end results (visual and tactile), when done correctly, are nothing less than spectacular.


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