Humans are designed to touch and feel: the 50th Annual GDUSA Print Survey

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The usually question-heavy Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) annual print survey was surprisingly light this year. Gordon Kaye covers the survey in GDUSA’s May/June edition, with short descriptions of the results after each question, and his own musings thrown in. If you’re a designer, printer, or any way involved with print – if you still buy books, magazines, and anything in a package, you are! – this survey is definitely worth the read. We’ll link to each question and throw their infographics up here to make it even more convenient.

How do designers feel about print?
In the words of Gordon Kaye, “Print works, in the view of most of our readers, because it creates a human connection missing from the ephemeral & desensitizing media world of digital communications.”

Is print getting smarter and more sustainable?
We all know that print has had it’s difficulties with maintaining sustainability, but with recent advances in technology and manufacturing processes, designers are feeling increasingly optimistic.

What is the future of print?
In case you didn’t know that designers can be very different people, this question made it clear. ┬áSome responses were as simple as “Print won’t die” – others included prose about printed electronics, 3D printing, luminescent papers and inks, and digitized paper with fiber optics woven into the paper fiber.

At BurdgeCooper, we’ve turned the survey and its infographics into an EasyBook which will be available to our employees, clients, and guests to support the print industry.

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