Is disaster planning a part of your employee handbook?

Employee Handbook

Most Employee Handbooks deal with matters of Safety & Security, but many fail to address Disaster Planning. In the event of a major earthquake or other sudden disaster, it’s wise to establish two things: where those evacuating the premises are to gather for an immediate headcount, and who is responsible (including an understudy) for conducting the headcount to ensure all are accounted for and injury free. It pays to rehearse evacuation procedures, as this helps employees memorize safe rally points.

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Disaster Planning could become a distinct section of your Employee Handbook once all the ramifications are understood. In the event all activity is suspended, who’s the official contact for employees needing more and accurate information? How will contact be made? Where should people be directed?

Unless your employees have an official contact phone number (or text address) physically available, they have no way to know what’s going on, and you have no way to confirm to confirm the safety of all personnel.¬†Whether your firm uses printed or online Employee Handbooks, it’s wise to issue printed and laminated point of contact cards¬†for those working in large facilities – because power and websites frequently go down while mobile phones keep working. With point of contact cards to give to your employees, you can be a little better prepared in the event of an emergency.

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