Common misconceptions about print

Most of our sales and customer service representative (CSR) teams are print industry veterans, and they’ve seen and heard it all. Part of our philosophy at BurdgeCooper is education – helping to make everyone better print purchasers, whether or not you’re a customer. I asked them what some common misconceptions people make about our company, and it came down to two items: production time and our size/capabilities/products.

Many think they can order today and have it tomorrow no matter the process or quantity. For example, clients have asked to order their engrave/litho announcements on a Monday and would like them done Friday morning for will call. Rosina Motta, CSR

This touches on a really important factor to a printer: timeline. Each process (engraving, litho, embossing, foil, thermography, etc) takes a certain amount of time to set up in prepress, set up on press, and then run. Each finishing process also takes time, often more because more of it needs to be done by hand than you would think (laminating, gilding, edge painting, collating, etc). These also need to be done in a certain order – you can’t bind a book first and then engrave the cover – it would be too difficult to align and feed into the engraving press. Then there’s all the other jobs that need to get done, too. If a salesperson/CSR has 5-15 jobs active at once, and there are 18 salespeople/CSRs… that’s a lot of work that needs to be on press or in bindery at the same time.

Product line: the assumption is made that we do business cards and letterhead when in reality that is just a fraction of what we produce. Rosina Motta, CSR That we are primarily engravers only, that focus mainly on social items. Ralph Nunez, Salesperson That we’re a small company with limited capabilities. Mary Gomez, CSR The biggest misconception is that we are one dimensional. Very few of our long time clients realize that we do 8 different printing processes under one roof. They think of us as engravers or on demand printers only. John Henry, Salesperson

Given how much we advertise our range of capabilities, this was surprising. We are engravers – but we also do letterpress, foil stamping, thermography, embossing, litho, and digital on top of all of our bindery processes. We do make a lot of business cards, letterheads, and cards – but we also make booklets, folders, envelopes, flyers, coupons. Not only do we have a wide range of processes and products, but it just got bigger. We were acquired by The Ligature at the beginning of the year, and gained a wide network of production partners. This means that if there’s a portion that we can’t do, we’ve got someone who can without complicating the printing process for you.

Now that we know what we’re up against, we’ll work on dispelling these misconceptions. If you have any questions about print, comment below!

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