What do you look for in a printer?

If you’re not familiar with print, your options in print, or printers, finding one can be daunting. You know you can get digital prints from Staples, or a variety of cheap options from Vistaprint, but where do you look for higher quality? What do you look for?

You might want something local so you can meet with a salesperson in person, visit, and do press checks. You might want something national, so production can be split to assist with shipping costs. You might need one process done really well, or many. Maybe you need help with choosing the right process or paper. Or you want experience in traditional methods, or the ability to innovate – or both.

I’m going to toot our own horn here; that’s us.

We are your local provider, valuing and developing a relationship with you, your company, and your industry to truly know your business needs and service expectations. You know us as a specific face and a name, as your personal print communications solutions provider, and not just another “print company”.
Rick Haman, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

BurdgeCooper has roots in Los Angles going back to the 1920s, as both Burdge, Inc. and S.F.Cooper, and both started as engravers. We’ve carried a tradition of excellence in print through the arrival of computers and the internet, naysayers and doomsayers crying “the end of print is nigh!”, and industry consolidation (I’ll get to this in a moment). You’re able to meet with our salespeople and do press checks, and we encourage visits. If you’re unsure of a design or print decision, we’re here to help with a library of resources for your use.

Need to look at papers? Visit our sample area. We've got all the swatchbooks from major mills and from smaller ones, too. Design and print books are also available for reference and inspiration.

Need to look at papers? Visit our sample area. We’ve got all the swatchbooks from major mills and from smaller ones, too. Design and print books are also available for reference and inspiration.

Industry consolidation – the print industry is getting smaller because it’s not quite the commodity it used to be, and we know it now competes against replacing technologies and quality is more important than ever. That’s why we became BurdgeCooper in 2010 and merged with The Ligature early this year. Thanks to our new connections, we now have access to print facilities throughout the country – like in Bloomington, MN – and more closer to “home” – San Francisco, CA – to better fulfill your needs. Local, and not local, at the same time.

We are the only custom printing company that has the capability to integrate all print processes, and may I add that we are able to accomplish that at very competitive prices.
Ralph Nunez, Greater Los Angeles Area

We are unique in that we are alone  as experts in the combined processes of engraving, letterpressing, foil stamping,  embossing and lithography.
Baird Conner, San Francisco Bay Area

Our ability to produce in 8 different printing processes all under one roof as well as fulfillment and three different binding processes. No one in Los Angeles or Southern California can match that.
John Henry, Greater Los Angeles Area

Our plant in Los Angeles.

In just our own Los Angeles plant, we’re able to do offset, digital, engraving, letterpress, embossing, foil stamping, thermography, die cutting, mounting, gilding, edge-painting, and binding. That’s just in Los Angeles, just in our plant. If you need something added that we don’t do, chances are very good that we have a partner who does.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to help you, drop us a line. I hope this cleared up some of what we do here, and if you have any questions, just ask!

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