Our average customers

Our “average customers” are anything but average. They do amazing things – they make wine, and publish books, and create art, and power our homes. While we serve a wide variety of industries, when we sat down to think about our “average” customer, we were surprised to find that it’s easily boiled down to three personas: Melissa, David, and Lisa. These are fictional names, but they represent the people we work with across all industries, from entertainment to agencies to law to wineries to hospitality.

Stock photo from Death To Stock PhotosMelissa: Manager of Design & Marketing

Melissa graduated from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts 6-12 years ago, and has worked her way up the creative ladder to management. Outside of work, she enjoys going out to eat with friends at up and coming brunch locations and supporting local museums and art fairs. Melissa will occasionally take up freelance design or consulting work to round out her portfolio. Her coworkers would describe her as task-oriented, precise, outgoing, creative, and independent.

She works with companies to help create brand identity, gives suggestions and advice on printing techniques conducive to what their client is trying to portray. Melissa can create and set-up print ready files, but someone from her team is more likely to create them. Melissa though will work with the printer to discuss best possible results for the end user, submits specifications to the printer for quotes, and likes to go on press checks.

Melissa wants to work with someone who understands the importance of choosing the right paper, process, and color and show her new options, and she needs someone who can work with her and her team to translate their designs to print. Our sales team has decades of experience in choosing the right print for Melissa’s message. We’ve created creative spaces for her to peruse paper, foil, and ink samples and brainstorm – and a fully stocked sample area to pillage for inspiration. When the job is run, press checks are open to everyone – Melissa, her boss, her client, her mom, whoever see wants to see and approve our work. Melissa has a vision, and we want to help her achieve it.

DeathtoStock_SlowDown4David: Director of Sourcing & Facilities

David has been in the workforce for about 25 years, most of it with his recent employer. His own children are in college or about to be, so outside of work David and his wife are readjusting to an emptier nest, complete with date nights and renovating one of the empty rooms into hobby space. While he takes his job very seriously, and can be resistant to change, he’s described as stable, practical, and friendly.

He’s responsible for reprographics, stationery purchases and office supplies, along with physical space. David will source vendors for competitive pricing and printing capabilities that fit their needs, and will create contracts with delivery time schedules, late order penalties and vendor company profile information.

David has been doing his work well for many years, and does take it seriously – and wants vendors who do the same. He doesn’t want to be involved much beyond coordinating orders and contracts, and that’s just fine. Once David has his specs together, we can take it from there. We do lots of contract work, and hold ourselves to high standards in quality and timeliness. Should he need to get in touch with someone, our customer service staff have longer than usual phone hours to accommodate early risers and those that stay in the office late. We’re low maintenance, good quality, and reliable, like the car that’s been in the family for decades.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community6Lisa: Legal Administrator

Lisa has also been in the workforce for a while, and when her kids were in high school she got her Masters of Business Administration to move to the next level of her career. Also facing an empty nest, Lisa now spends more time with her girlfriends, going to industry mixers, and getting to all the projects she’s put off for years. Her coworkers think of her as very detail-oriented, organized, and analytical – she often learns the basics of what she needs to hire vendors for.

Lisa manages business functions and overall operations for her law office, a firm of 5 lawyers. In addition to being responsible for purchasing, inventory control, and reprographics, she’s also in charge of records storage, reception, telecommunications, mail, messenger and other facilities management. Lisa will send Requests for Quotes (RFQs) to printers for pricing on their stationery products. As a member of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), she attends tradeshows and monthly chapter networking meetings.

To help Lisa accomplish her print purchasing in the little time she has, we have a full line of ready to order legal stationery and common legal documents at competitive pricing, even compared to office supply stores. With a full line of engraved stationery packages, practice essentials like manuscript covers, pleading papers, and jury instruction sheets, will & trust suppliesmailing supplies, plain paper, and exhibit tabs (and more! it’s already a long list), SFCooper.com will be her one-stop-shop. If Lisa has any questions, she can call our customer service center and talk to one of our representatives with extensive legal print experience, like Rosina.

Like any business, we’re always looking to expand to serving new business – and new people. Are you similar to Melissa, David, or Lisa? Vastly different? We want to know how we can help you in your industry.

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