The Beauty of Engraving


Have you ever thought about the process of engraving? What it takes to get the perfect amount of ink applied to the paper in such a way that it raises off of the page, giving it a unique look and feel? Chances are you have come encounter with engraving many times but never knew the labor-intensive printing process that it took to get you to not only see the design, but feel it as well.

The Ligature has teamed up with Neenah Paper as well as MODSF, a design solutions firm, to display how when design, quality materials and engraving come together, they can produce a truly beautiful piece of art.

2-Fanned-Prints-500-widePhotographer: StudioAlex Photography

Michael Osborne, the president and creative director of MODSF, designed this limited edition print No. 6 for Neenah’s Beauty of Engraving series. He derived inspiration from his personal collection of currency, stocks and bonds to push the boundaries of the engraving process. With original cartouche, very tiny print, special inks and special paper, this exquisitely detailed work of art masterfully highlights the intricacies of engraving and the possibilities abound. See below just how this exclusive print was made and the true beauty and essence of engraving.

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