Pizza Box Campaign



We recently started our new Pizza Box Campaign here at BurdgeCooper.  The “pizza boxes” contain samples of printed pieces from our plant that we send to customers.  The boxes are tailored to the customer it is being sent to i.e. a graphic design firm will receive our more “design-y” stationery that we make or a hotel will receive more hospitality related pieces. I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Burdge, our President of BurdgeCooper, about our new campaign, so below are some questions and masterfully crafted answers from an expert in the field.


Q:  Why are we using these boxes?

A:  We’ve heard time and again that customers want to see samples from us.  The type of printing we do sets us apart from so many other printers that when a customer sees what we can do and who we do it for, they are interested.  The boxes we use are from Mohawk Paper and are part of their “Makers” promotion.  Mohawk is a valued partner of BurdgeCooper and they have offered to allow us to use the boxes they send their paper samples in for us to send our printed samples in too.


Q:  How are they a more effective tool for the sales person?

A:  Sales people can use the samples in the box to get an appointment to see a potential       customer or to at least have a conversation with them. They help open doors and qualify a prospect for future sales

Q:  How are they a more effective tool for the customer?

A:  Customers are busy doing so many things these days they don’t have time to meet new vendors.  The sample box gets noticed when it arrives on their desk and if the samples are something the customer has a need for, or knows someone who has a need for this type of printing, then it becomes an effective tool.


Q:  How did we hear about these “pizza boxes?”

A:  From our vendor, Mohawk Paper.

Q:  What are you hoping to gain from using these boxes and how are they different from old methods we used to use for getting samples to customers?

A:  The Mohawk “makers” boxes look “cool” and have a quality hand made aspect to them.  They work well to set us apart from our competition by showing high value-high touch products we make.

Q:  Where can you request to get one?

A:  You can request a box of great fine printed samples on our website  Go to the Contact page and say that Don sent you…





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