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Where Printing is Going

As exhaustion with generic e-communication grows, demand for “tactile” print processes, those which better express a “feeling,” continue to grow.

Demand for multi-process printing which involve “raised print,” be it engraving, thermography, litho/embossed or foil/embossed, is on a steady upward curve as communicators want to create stronger impressions to maximize interest and boost response.

Recent webinars which help designers learn how to cost-effectively deploy “tactile” print are drawing increasingly large audiences, stimulating a Lot of requests for samples and turning into jobs which are responding to the “longing for the tangible and credible.”

While we’ve long provided free multi-process samples, this Fall our new Capabilities Booklet will debut, explaining and demonstrating 8 print processes, how to prep files, and the cost/benefits of each.

To get yours, email: info@burdgecooper.com